You can take the art out of the school, but you can’t take the artist out of the child.

“In poor urban neighborhoods youngsters want an identity. They want to know they exist in society…so they pick up a marker or a spray can and write their name. I was here. That is me.” In impoverished communities youth do not have much, if any, access to art programs. Nor can they afford to attend art schools so they turn to graffiti as a way to develop and practice their artwork. Besides being a form of self-expression, graffiti can also be therapeutic for young people who must contend with the stress of urban poverty. “It is like therapy. I may be angry one day and just go out and paint and get it all out. It is very relaxing when I am out there painting… I forget about all my problems. I forget that I am even part of this world.” _ Alex Rodriguez a.k.a. Duce, a graffiti artist and muralist from South Central Los Angeles.



May’09: 37 brand new teachers with MA’s in Waldorf Education

37 Becoming Waldorf Teachers, joining the movement

37 Becoming Waldorf Teachers

Know any teacher frustrated, pink-slipped, or eager to dial it up? *bring joy and wonder into the classroom? *learn about authentic assessment? *learn to deliver a creative, arts-infused, thematic curriculum? *weave a safety-net, a fabric of resilience, around our most in need young people and all young people? *break the cycle of failure that so many teachers and parents and students have come to accept?

1. Professional Development Course for Teachers of At-Risk Youth
Scene from CINE Golden Eagle award winning documentary about the use of Waldorf education methods in schools for at-risk students.

2. The Waldorf Approach Applied in the Public School Classroom

3. Part-Time Foundation Studies for Waldorf Teachers

“Inasmuch as we may all rail against the ills of the misbegotten “No Child Left Behind” policy, it is our mandate to find a new way forward for every child. This is the riddle of our time; and unless it is genuinely sought, there will be no solid ground upon which to build the culture of the millennial generation. The time for talking about what Waldorf Education has as some kind of possession and what the rest of the world does not have is over.”

Supreme Court (+8-1Thomas) ends unconstitutional abuse of authority by school officials to humiliate children in school.

High court draws line on school strip search.Why is this story relevant here in CA which is one of six states that don’t allow strip searches of students in school anyway? Not b o d i l y strip searches, but the practice in schools of m i n d strip-searches with multiple-choice tests still widespread.

Tot brain drain revealed

“TV Causes Learning Lag in Infants”, tells us that letting children under two watch TV, regardless of the content, affects their brain development. It’s not what the TV does to them, according to this research, its what we’re not doing with them – like talking – while they and we are watching. Also makes me wonder if the focus in school on early reading, instead of oral speaking, only further hampers children’s brain development.

Call For Participants

Care to join a forming Los Angeles NGO/for-social-profit initiative and people who care about children’s academic proficiency and intellectual development – without sacrificing their emotional growth and physical health?

We are CALLING FOR PARTICIPANTS – START-UP ADVISORS AND SUPER ADVISORS – willing to strategize, collaborate and give of skills and time to found a K-8 public charter school designed to apply the “Waldorf” educational style in the NORTHEAST LOS ANGELES NEIGHBORHOOD of Cypress Park/Highland Park/Mount Washington. Waldorf education’s mantrum is to bring constructive change to society and transform the way the world sees, cares for and educates children. Waldorf teachers draw their inspiration directly from the energy of childhood where creativity originates. Our aim is to catalyze many living examples of Waldorf education in Los Angeles.

If you share our vision of transforming the way the world educates children, can spare some energy and offer the necessary skills to help make Los Angeles a living example of what’s possible for NORTHEAST LOS ANGELES CHILDREN and their TEACHERS when we apply Waldorf education in the public school sector, then please join us!

Mailing List
Email us at to join the mailing list. You’ll be kept up-to-date as this exciting project grows.

Want to help?
Currently we are looking for help in the following areas;

  • Secretary/Founder
  • Lawyer
  • Bi-lingual Founder
  • Teachers
  • Architect/Realtor

Volunteer at

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